Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Remote Control

I had a quick look for anything interesting in the kernel sources Reciva have on their site and noticed lirc_barracuda.c. LIRC is the well known Linux Infrared Remote Control software. Some Reciva based radios have a remote control so I though it'd be interesting to see if I could add one to the Logik IR100. All the software is already installed so it should just be a case of adding a bit of hardware, connecting it to the right pin on the Barracuda board then tweaking the appropriate configuration file.

A glance at lirc_barracuda.c showed that the radio expects incoming IR signals on GPIO pin GPG6. This is present on the long connector of the Barracuda board.

Here's the hardware I'm currently using (based on an IR reciever for the NSLU2 "Slug" here modified slightly, it uses an SFH5110-38):

It seems to work fine and provides additional buttons such as Alarm, Sleep and Media. I did have to cross compile irrecord to create the configuration file for my remote.

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Andreas said...

Good stuff you found out so far! Could you be so kind and post some schematics of your LIRC board or put it into the sharpfin wiki? That'd be great!
I am generally very interested in what you've done. Maybe you like to share some of your secrets regarding how you got access via telnet and so on.